The industry team is composed of 11 partners from the 5 nations.


Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions from military defence to civil security. With operations on every continent, Saab continuously develops, adapts and improves new technology to meet customers' changing needs.

Its most important markets today are Europe, South Africa, Australia and the US. Saab has around 13,200 employees. Annual sales amount to around SEK 25 billion, of which research and development account for about 20 per cent of sales.

Point of contact

Johan Pellebergs

+46 13 184227

Alenia Aeronautica

Alenia Aeronautica, a Finmeccanica company, will contribute to several activities in the project and in particular has the responsibility of the MIDCAS suite integration on UAV (WP10) and of the UAV flight demonstration (WP11). The company is the Italian leader in the aeronautics sector and a major international player in the aerospace industry, with full system development and integration capabilities in the most advanced fields. Alenia Aeronautica is a renowned player in world leading programs, both military and commercial, including C-27J, Eurofighter Typhoon, ATR regional aircraft, Sukhoi Superjet 100, Lockheed Martin JSF, and UAV technological demonstrator programs such as Sky-X, Sky-Y and Neuron. The Sky-Y MALE technology demonstrator is a dedicated platform for validating several key enabling technologies for a surveillance UAS in either military and civil operation scenario; this platform will be used in the MIDCAS project.

Point of contact

Matteo Cervo

+39 011 756 5403


CIRA-Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali (Italian Aerospace Research Centre ) was established in July 1984. CIRA is a shareholders' consortium with a public-owned majority: the State, through the Italian Space Agency and the National Research Council, helds the majority of the share capital, together with Campania Region and the main Italian aerospace industries. The joint public-private participation has made CIRA's objectives consistent with national strategic guidelines and the needs of industry, thereby contributing to Italy's social and economic development. The headquarters and operational facilities of CIRA are located in Capua, approximately 50 km north of Naples. CIRA is located in Campania, a region with a high concentration of industries that operate in the aerospace sector: Alenia, Fiat Avio, Alfa Romeo Avio, Vulcan Air, Piaggio, Magnaghi, Tecnam, etc.

Point of contact

Vittorio Puoti

+39 (0) 823 62 3138


Within MIDCAS, Diehl BGT Defence is contributing in all aspects of the EO/IR subsystem hardware and software development, including development of this equipment for the demonstrator (WP 8.3) and the according simulation model (WP 7). Furthermore Diehl BGT Defence has the responsibility for the sensor de-risking flight tests (WP 4.2). As the largest company within the Diehl Defence Corporate Division Diehl BGT Defence has gathered experience over decades in the development, production and integration of guided missiles, ammunition and artillery rockets.This makes Diehl BGT Defence an internationally renowned partner of the armed forces. Furthermore, Diehl BGT Defence offers advanced technological solutions in future markets such as unmanned land, air and water vehicles, intelligent sensors for reconnaissance and monitoring as well as active protection systems

Point of contact

Charles Krause



From year 2000 until 2008 the German government funded UAV technology program called WASLA-HALE was realized within three phases by DLR (German Aerospace Center) as the leading company, developing techniques and procedures for the integration of UAV's in common airspace. During phase III the main objective was the collection of relevant requirements for UAV sense and avoid systems and the design, building, integration and in-flight demonstration of the experimental S&A system with DLR's flight test aircraft ATTAS, a modified VFW-614 with the capability of an In Flight Simulator. The S&A system, which uses radar- and EO-sensors, was successfully demonstrated performing automatic avoidance manoeuvres in a conflict situation with non cooperative traffic. DLR will contribute to the MidCAS project with the expertise of this S&A project.

Point of contact

Florian Adolf

+49-531-295 3207

Airbus Defense & Space

Airbus Defense & Space, is a worldwide leader in global security solutions and systems, providing Lead Systems Integration and value-added products and services to civil and military customers around the globe.

In MIDCAS Airbus Defense & Space is participating by leading the safety assessment for the envisaged Sense&Avoid (S&A) System standardisation and defining the basis for the inherent validation needs for certification. Further on CASSIDIAN is leading the design of the overall sense function architecture and contributing with its unique expertise to the design of the avoid function as well as the data-fusion function.

Point of contact

Joerg Meyer

+49 8459 81 79180


ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH is rooted in the dynamic aircraft industry. As an approved aviation development organisation ESG designs, develops and integrates tailor-made avionics and IT systems for the military, government and industry. The extensive range of services covers all phases of the lifecycle of complex avionic systems.

Within MIDCAS, ESG is in the charge of all activities that are related to the HMI of the sense & avoid system. This includes work on the HMI requirements as well as the development of a prototype HMI that will be used in simulations as well as flight trials.

Point of contact

Andreas Lenz


Diapositive 6
Andreas Lenz

Indra is a global company of technology, innovation, and talent, leader in added-value solutions and services for the Transport and Traffic, Energy and Industry, Public Administration and Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, Security and Defence, and Telecom and Media sectors.
Indra operates in over 100 countries and has more than 30,000 employees worldwide who share their knowledge of different sectors and countries to find innovative solutions to the challenges that clients face. It is ranked as the first European company in its sector according to investment in R&D and is the second Spanish company in absolute value investments in R&D.
Indra contributes its experience to the MIDCAS project as a leading company in the international market of Air Traffic Management systems, simulation and development of UAVs. The company has supplied over 1,000 ATM installations in over 80 countries and delivered around 150 simulators to 15 different countries and 39 customers. It has also led the development of UAVs systems currently in service in Afghanistan by the Spanish Army, and is involved in the ATLANTE program for the development of an Spanish tactical UAV, among other initiatives.

Point of contact

Antonio Barbero


Indra official website:

Sagem is a high-tech company in the SAFRAN Group. It is a global or European leader in civilian and defense solutions and services for optronics, avionics, electronics and critical software.
Present across the globe via the SAFRAN Group's international network, Sagem and its subsidiaries employ 6,000 people in Europe and North America.
As a European leader in Tactical UAV systems, Sagem enhances UAV capabilities with its expertise in core technologies: navigation and flight control, visible and infrared optronics, data transmission, etc. The company's tactical UAV systems are operational as close as possible to theats on a daily basis both day and night.

Point of contact

Alain Vallée

+33 1 58 11 53 61

Selex Galileo

Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company, is an international leader in electronic and information technologies for defence systems, aerospace, data, infrastructures, land security and protection and sustainable 'smart' solutions. The company provides C4ISTAR systems, integrated products and solutions for airborne, land and naval applications delivering mission critical systems for situational awareness, self-protection and surveillance.

From the design, development and production of state-of-the-art equipment, software and systems to through life support, Selex ES partners its customers to deliver the information superiority required to act decisively and complete missions.

Selex ES employees 17,900 people worldwide with revenues in excess of 3.5 billion euros.

Point of contact

Antonio Toffetti

+39 0481 478 409


Thales is a global technology leader for the Defence & Security and the Aerospace & Transport markets. In 2009, the company generated revenues of €12.9 billion with 68,000 employees in 50 countries. With its 22,500 engineers and researchers, Thales has a unique capability to design, develop and deploy equipment, systems and services that meet the most complex security requirements. Thales has an exceptional international footprint, with operations around the world working with customers as local partners.

Point of contact

Arnaud Rimokh

+33 5 57 26 32 21